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August Update
Published on August 6, 2022 by Marcel Klehr

Hello everyone,

Wow, it's been 6 months already since the last update. I've been focusing on my personal life lately, moved to a new place, finished University, etc. Nonetheless I've been able to work on my Open Source projects as well.

Some of the highlights from the last six months worth of floccus releases include:

- Floccus for Android is now in the official F-Droid repo
- Support separators natively
- Support chrome:// URLs natively
- Many User experience improvements (e.g. timed locks for GoogleDrive and WebDAV to reduce waiting time, improved progress bar feedback)
- Major performance fix for people with many bookmarks in Firefox
- An about page listing all contributors (minus the translators which I haven't been able to query automatically from transifex, yet)
- The new stepwise account setup flow
- Many fixes for tab syncing

Additionally, I've managed to release a floccus iOS app, which still has a few quirks but has working base functionality.

I'm also extremely honored by a grant I received from GitHub as part of their initiative to give back to tools that the people at GitHub use themselves everyday.

I'm very grateful for the support I've received from everyone of you in working on these projects. Thank you for continuing to support me in these efforts! Also, feel free to shoot me a message, if you have feedback, ideas, critique or just want to say hi.

All the best and godspeed to you, wherever you may be right now :)


L. Adigard

Posted on August 8, 2022

Congrats on wrapping up uni, and on the grant!