Marching on - March Update
Published on March 16, 2021 by Marcel Klehr

Hello everyone,

Winter is slowly turning into spring on my half of the globe and my potted plant seems to be as excited about this as me: Sun!

The increased luminosity has helped push my bookmark efforts forward. I've been able to hunt down a lot of latent syncing bugs in v4.4.x, making floccus more stable than ever. In an effort to make syncing safer, I took a leaf out of Joplin's book and implemented a failsafe: Floccus will now refuse to delete more than 50% of local bookmarks by default to prevent data loss. In order for more people to benefit from cross-browser bookmark sync, I've added support for syncing via Google Drive, optionally encrypting the bookmarks before storing them with Google. I've also added the option to encrypt your bookmarks when syncing via WebDAV.

While the default merging sync strategy has seen great improvements, many people still experienced problems with unidirectional sync, when only pushing or pulling changes. These problems are now fixed as part of v4.6.1.

Next steps for me are improving the User Experience in Nextcloud Bookmarks after having conducted a usability study last month, and improving experience on mobile.

A warm thank you for your continued support! I'm also always happy to receive feedback, ideas and critique -- just shoot me a message.

All the best and godspeed to you, wherever you may be right now :)