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May may be with you
Published on May 10, 2021 by Marcel Klehr

Hello everyone,

may is with us and hopefully with you!

Since the last update I've been able to fix more syncing and usability issues in floccus, increasing its stability. I've spent even more efforts polishing Nextcloud Bookmarks: v4.2.0 now features drag-and-drop for tags and folders, a new dashboard widget and full-text storage of bookmarked HTML pages for full-text search and archival purposes, among a ton of smaller UX fixes.

Since the starting floccus I've hoped that mobile browser vendors would pick up web extensions, making floccus adoption on mobile easy. But alas, things are seldom easy. My plan is thus to produce a native floccus mobile application to make floccus a first-class citizen on mobile.

Let me lastly give you a warm thank you for your continued support in these troubled times! Also, I'm always happy to receive feedback, ideas and critique -- simply shoot me a message.

All the best and godspeed to you, wherever you may be right now :)