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A complete set of Yeoman generators to start all your frontend projects.

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FountainJS is a new Yeoman generator allowing you to choose the most structuring technologies you'll use:

Web framework

That's a key point of FountainJS, you can choose either Angular 1, 2 or React and we'll provide you a starter app with this framework. And we really mean an adapted project with dev tools and test environment for the framework you chose.

Module and dependency management

This is certainly the second most structuring choice you have to do when you start a Webapp these days. Webpack, SystemJS, any of them? And believe us, this choice pulls a lot of tooling and configurations to make. FountainJS provides this simple choice and configure your project following it.

JavaScript version

It's became rare to start a webapp in pure browser compatible JavaScript. Everyone is about Babel or TypeScript but this needs tooling.

Style (CSS) meta-language

The oldest preprocessors area. You just have to choose Stylus, Sass or Less (or nothing).

And we focus on three objectives:

Developer eXperience

The proposed tooling is focused on offering the best developer experience. The extremly dynamic ecosystem of the modern Web development has to be an asset instead of creating fatigue.

Whatever the options you choose, you'll get a development server embedded, live reload enabled, even hot module reload when possible.

Of course, for delivering, you still have the optimization task to produce a state of the art optimized dist version.

Ready to go

The main point of FountainJS is to deliver a stable project whatever the very different options you could choose and always keep up to date with latest versions of every frameworks and tools.


From the user point of view, FountainJS is a very complete generator. From the inside, it's a full ecosystem of various and specialized generators. This architecture will allow easier development and extension.