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Frazier Mtn Pride


We unite LGBTQIA+ residents of Greater Frazier Mountain and with our allies, create a safe, positive, kind, and supportive environment where we can fully express our individuality. We operate a small lending library and host gatherings


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Frazier Mtn Pride is hosting the following events.

01:30 AM-01:30 AM UTC
Where it all began. First Tuesday of every Month.

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Mission Statement

We aim to unite LGBTQIA+ residents of Greater Frazier Mountain and with our allies, create a safe, positive, kind, and supportive environment where we can fully express our individuality.

Our Values

  • Respect. We facilitate an environment where individuality is seen as strength and all people are treated with fairness and dignity.
  • Inclusiveness. We believe in “Live and Let Live” and making space for everyone who believes in treating one another with kindness and respect.
  • Integrity. We work together to advance our center’s mission, and we honor and apply these values in what we do and say.
  • Growth: We believe it is our duty to open our hearts and study the world allowing ourselves do know better today than we did yesterday.
“Equality means more than passing laws. The struggle is really won in the hearts and minds of the community, where it really counts.
- Barbara Gittings 


What We Do

We Socialize
“Given the facts of the vulnerability of the LGBTQ+ community and the sociality of human nature, the need for safe spaces should be clear…Creating spaces where people can just be people without having to worry about violence, whether direct or indirect, is necessary to ensure a basic standard of living.”

We Support One Another
“Many LGBTQ youth lack access to affirming spaces, with only 55% of LGBTQ youth reporting that their school is LGBTQ-affirming and only 37% saying that their home is LGBTQ-affirming. Fewer than 1 in 3 transgender and nonbinary youth found their home to be gender-affirming and a little more than half (51%) found their school to be affirming. The Trevor Project’s research consistently finds that LGBTQ young people report lower rates of attempting suicide when they have access to LGBTQ-affirming spaces.” link

We Fly Our Flags of Progress
“Change is possible, even when homophobic and transphobic attitudes exist. When 70 LGBTI activists marched in the streets of Riga, Latvia, for the very first Pride event in 2005, they were met by over 2,000 counter-protestors, and many of them were attacked. Ten years on, more than 5,000 people took part in EuroPride 2015, with only 40 counter-protestors and no serious incidents reported.” link

We Are a Bridge for Communication
It is impossible to speak up for yourself or your child if you aren’t ready to “out” yourselves publicly.
You deserve to have your voice heard! Share your stories with us and we can be a bridge of communication between your, or your child’s, school or medical professional, or when there is an issue with a local business. We will take appropriate action, while leaving your anonymity intact.

We Educate One Another
We believe it is our duty to open our hearts and study the world allowing ourselves to know better today than we did yesterday. We will host group discussions and community building exercises to facilitate understanding of the many aspects of Gender and Sexual Identities, along with how we can support ourselves, our loved ones, and our community throughout this journey.

We Bring the Community Together
We help those with open hearts find one another so that we can build a safe inclusive environment for any and all who need it. We extend our helping hands to the many marginalized peoples of Greater Frazier Mountain so that together our light shines so bright those in the darkest corners may be warmed by it. 


Our Story

In May of 2022 the founder took a look around Frazier Park and thought, “I bet there are families like mine here. That confederate flag in the middle of town can’t possibly represent the entirety of this town’s spirit.” So like most do, they created a Facebook group. When June came around, 30 people had joined.

Tabletop Game Night became the flagship get together. The founder was repeatedly told how proud everyone was that Pride had been brought to the mountain. It was with this spirit in mind that the mission statement was written. "We aim to unite LGBTQIA+ residents of Greater Frazier Mountain and with our allies, create a safe, positive, kind, and supportive environment where we can fully express our individuality."

With the need to make the Pride presence known, the founder decided to host a booth at Fiesta Days. With the help of the group’s second enthusiastic worker bee, they partnered with The Center for Sexuality and Diversity in Bakersfield and ran a boothe in the first week of August 2022. Many more took notice and partnerships were made as a result. They also marched in the Fiesta Days parade and for the first time a PRIDE FLAG had a real presence in Frazier Park. The town welcomed them with an award for Best Walking.

With donations from the community given during Fiesta Days, they started an inclusive lending library that brings LGBTQIA+ fiction and educational resources to children and adults in Greater Frazier Mountain.

They searched high and low for a way to meet in a truly safe location, but it was soon realized that they needed to create their own. A location where they can spread their wings and truly show all of their colors.

The beginning of their letter writing services began when concerned parents shared their stories and allowed them the opportunity to bridge the gap between the school system and themselves when it was important that the issues needed to be safely addressed.

After lots of hard work and research, in February of 2023, they gained a Fiscal Host giving them nonprofit 501c3 status. This partnership allow them to fundraise; propelling them towards their goal of becoming their own nonprofit.

What happens next for Frazier Mtn Pride?

“Holding true to our mission we plan to open a Clubhouse in Frazier park. Our goal is to sign a commercial lease and claim a space for LGBTQIA+ and their allies to gather in support of one another. A home for all who are positive, kind, and supportive.

Our Clubhouse will serve the entire community. It will allow another option for meeting locations. We will hold peer led classes exploring all forms of arts, crafts, and social education. We will hold a time and space for our teens to have fun, which is much needed in this town.”

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