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All-in-one place to manage your Git repository.

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Yashu Mittal

Love the community of Open Source and the people involved in it.


Thermal is free, open-source, and cross-platform desktop application allows you to manage your Git repositories at one place by providing a simple to use graphic interface with built-in features like commits, history, repository settings and more. 

Watch this video for a quick demo.

Looks cool? Huh!

Wait ✋🏻, there more...

There are a lot of awesome features which comes out of the box.

  • Repository stats
  • Clone repository
  • Create a new repository
  • Commit changes
  • History
  • Commit details
  • Code difference (preview)
  • Repository settings
  • Push to a remote repository
  • and more.

Thermal is still a new software and there are a lot of features yet to build, if you got too excited by looking at the image, sorry for letting you down but all of the feature shown in the image might not be available yet and few of them are still work in progress.

Help me to build this awesome application by supporting me financially.

 Have any questions? You can message me in Thermal Discord Server
Happy commits