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GDN Security 501(c)(3) - Strategic Alliances - Town Hall & Non-Profit member participation details

The Global Developer Network (GDN) is a non-profit organization established for a security initiative. Architecture Open Source Community Integration and Adoption Q&A See:

Friday, January 15, 2021, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (UTC-04:00)


Very informal event to discuss:
 The Global Developer Network (GDN) is a non-profit organization I've established for a security initiative.  I would like to discuss the initiative and garner interest from providers in the industry in order to form alliances and grow the development participants (early adopters).  The project is open source.
This meeting is an event to discuss the project, where we are headed, and where we currently stand.

This includes a run down on:
  1. Architecture
  2. Open Source Community
  3. Integration and Adoption
  4. Q&A

Nice thing about this project is the more front-end frameworks we can get on board, the more backend people will benefit, and visa-versa.  So it is definitely a project you should check out! 

So for anyone looking to support the collective for the Global Developer Network, this is the perfect opportunity to ask questions during a "town hall" type setting, virtually, too.

To attend simply visit this link.  @ Dec 15th 2pm EST

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