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We positively push for libre and accessible ActivityPub application development. The Go-Fed ActivityPub Labs Collective aims to cover many open and transparent human activities around ActivityPub development, including a core focus around open source software written in Golang.

  • Engineering and standardizing privacy-centric solutions, such as OCAPs or Tor
  • Additional fertile areas in building better human tools for community-building
This Collective aims to do lightweight accounting to ensure the community is fiscally healthy and capable of supporting multiple kinds of work, not just code contributions.

Looking to contribute financially?

Please craft a donation below in a manner best suited to you! All of our work is transparent and in the open, so we do not have sponsorship tiers.

Looking to contribute your time and energy to get work done?

You're in the right place, this Collective is set up to reimburse the community contributions! The Megathread on Socialhub is currently home to the list of overarching work in general. We have Unbudgeted Work, which you can do ad-hoc, and Budgeted Work, which just means "please talk to us beforehand to make sure we have dedicated resources to cover it". Unbudgeted Work includes code contributions and code reviews. Budgeted Work includes artistic content such as images and logos, hosting fees, and other maintenance tasks. Get started on code contributions by engaging in the code repositories. If you want to ask for some Budgeted Work, please reach out to us on Matrix at #go-fed:feneas.org or post at the SocialHub.

Looking to submit an expense?

We pay for Unbudgeted work as well as Budgeted work! If you have made a coding contribution or done a code review, please submit an expense!

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