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 Sustainability is a journey. Not a destination. 

Green Onion is an open collective with an idea-based value base and a cooperative approach. As members, we are driven by a strong will to work for sustainable development based on our professional knowledge and industry experience. 
As experienced consultants in business development, sustainability and communication, we team up and combine our competencies to best help companies take the next step on the road in their sustainability work - no matter where they are along their sustainability journey. Contact us, and we will put together your dream team. 
Where does your sustainability journey begin? 
Everyone is talking about sustainability. But how do you create a sustainable business, and how do you make money from it? Together, we find innovative power in the organization and take advantage of the employees' commitment. And we make sure to communicate the company's sustainability work to align with the mission, vision, and brand. So start the sustainability journey here! 
We help companies to take the next step – and keep going! 
The sustainability journey describes companies' work to address their transition to a sustainable business. It is a long-term process with a series of concrete activities that need to involve everyone in the company and where each goal must be clear and measurable. 
Green Onion is committed to creating the future we want to live in. As sustainability consultants and sustainability communicators, we use our professional knowledge and life experiences and work actively to help companies with their sustainability work. 
As all companies and assignments are different, we start the collaboration by analyzing the current and desired situations. Then we make an itinerary with stops along the way for reconciliation of direction, vision, and goals. 
Our services function as modules that are put together as needed. That's why we work agile and can step on (and off) anywhere along the sustainability journey. 
Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. 

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