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Platform coop organizing live music since 2013 in living rooms, backyards, and unconventional concert spaces


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Founded in 2013, Groupmuse is a platform cooperative uplifting musicians and strengthening local community through live, intimate performances of historically-rooted music.

Groupmuse is an online platform where hosts and musicians organize concerts (which we call “groupmuses”) in non-traditional spaces, such as living rooms, backyards, church basements, and public parks. We believe in building real, in-person community. Before COVID-19 struck in March 2020, we organized 100+ groupmuses per month in our major cities like NYC, Boston, and San Francisco.  

During the pandemic, we pivoted to online concerts within 2 weeks, at a time when most music organizations shuttered and furloughed musicians.
  • In 2020, we generated $202,626 in income for 250 musicians across 450 online concerts
  • In 2021, we generated $166,802 in income for 350 musicians across 186 in-person concerts and 329 online concerts. 
  • We paid $9,158 to musicians to receive $100 minimum each, for 111 concerts that did not reach this minimum through audience contributions.
  • We created new part-time administrative roles for 12 musicians, generating $16,000 in additional musician income outside of performing.

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