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The Guerrilla Foundation helps activists & grassroots movements to contribute to larger societal transformations toward a living, circular economy with a deeply democratic society that prioritises social & ecological wellbeing.


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The Guerrilla Foundation supports activists and grassroots, social movements working towards bringing about major systemic change across Europe.

We do so in three ways:

1) We support grassroots movements and activists who ACT to address relevant issues and have a pan-European orientation.

2) We build activism structures to AFFECT the way in which pan-European civil society organises.

3) We re-articulate distorted narratives to CHANGE the entrenched status quo and raising the profile of movements which drive paradigm shifts in attitudes, behaviours and culture.

We want to see informed citizens demanding political accountability and pushing for an ethical and sustainable economy not predicated upon unrestricted growth. We want to contribute to more liveable urban and rural spaces based on the values of sustainability, equality and fairness.

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