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Introducing our new film project: The Compost Solution
Published on September 28, 2022 by Charlotte Squire

Dear Open Collective friends!
Heartfelt thanks, as always, to everyone who’s joined us in the last couple of months with one-off or monthly financial support of our Community Supported Filmmaking. Thanks for making things Happen!
We’ve just added a new film here on Open Collective: The Compost Solution. We’re shooting this film in our very own home region, which is so much fun! We get to follow a journey over months instead of days for a change and we’re loving it. We’re also stoked to be zeroing in on the subject of food waste and composting as a solution to it – it feels timely and important and this film will be jam-packed with inspiration.
Today Jordan did a Livestream on our YouTube channel showing a short clip of some of the footage we’ve shot so far and responding to questions from people who tuned in. We’ve added the clip to the Compost Solution page, here. Please check it out and share with anyone you know who is passionate about compost and might be keen to support or share on.
We’re planning to make livestreams with film updates a monthly event, so if you’re keen for alerts about them please subscribe on YouTube or social media.
As always, feel free to be in touch with questions, feedback, or ideas. We love hearing form you!
Sending love to all.
In gratitude
Antoinette & Jordan
and the Happen Films team