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Thank you for joining us!
Published on May 13, 2022 by Happen Films Ltd

Dear Open Collective community, 

Thanks so much to everyone who has joined us in the past couple of months, before we’d even begun promoting our profile here on Open Collective! We appreciate your trust in this new space and your support for our forthcoming films. 

We love that particular films have appealed to particular people and feel particularly worth supporting, and we also love that some people choose to support Happen Films as a whole. Those contributions will make it possible for us to ensure that if a project doesn’t reach full funding we can still get it over the line. So thank you all for your different approaches to supporting us! 

We’ve just begun our first fundraising campaign – promoting our presence on this platform and explaining why we choose to be here and describing the new concept we've dreamed up, Community Supported Filmmaking. You can read all about that in this blog post

Please feel free to be in touch any time with questions or suggestions about what we’re up to. What we love about this space on Open Collective is the opportunity to create a warm and connected community of folk who love films for the powerful messages they can share with the world. We’ve had lifestyle-changing experiences from watching films and we hope we can create that experience for others too. 

Sending love to all, with gratitude for your faith in us to make beautiful films. 

Ngā mihi mahana / warm greetings 
Antoinette & Jordan