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Major Milestone Release build phase is done, what's next?
Published on November 2, 2022 by Connor Turland

Good people! The Major Milestone Release phase of hREA is over and done (it has been for a little while now, but that's ok)! It's time to share news and updates on how the project finished off.

First and foremost, the release!
We decided to call it "Sapling", a sign of the projects' growing maturity. There's also instructions for developers that show how easy and quick it is to get started with:

The culminating portion of the development process was largely devoted to making everything work well on the latest versions of holochain that had been released, and ironing that out. Ultimately we had a good outcome, and all checks were passing. Some obvious next steps for cleaning up the implementation were laid out during that time, and have since actually been developed and integrated by Pospi.

We are calling on developers and builders to check out the framework today and start building things.

Who should be building with hREA?

Recently there's been a flurry of media put together by the folks at Holo and Holochain covering hREA. It does a good job of painting a picture of where hREA can be useful and to who.

Here's a quick recap of what's gone out:
I want to also shout out again to the REA Playspace team, who have been independently working on a generalized user interface for playing with Valueflows, which is a key part of building community traction. Recently, some of those folks travelled to Barichara, Colombia to intersect with people working to regenerate ecosystems there who expressed some interest in using these tools. 

In terms of who should be building on hREA, we have also received interest from folks who are concerned with becoming compliant with the EU regulatory supply chain frameworks that will  be coming into play mid-2024 due to the impact it will have on their communities that produce hand made crafts, and for which Europe is the big market. They believe hREA could be the tool they need to produce the "material passport"s they need to keep their crafts going to market. If you're aware of other communities being impacted by this, please get in touch with us.

The hREA Community
As a brief update on the hREA community, which exists primarily on the Discord chat server at this time, we would like to share that an initial version of a code of conduct has been set in place for the community, so that we can cultivate a safer space together online. New joins to the Discord server will be introduced to them while joining, but they are also up and available for review anytime here:
These apply in particular to Github contributors as well as to Discord community members.
If you aren't already present, we would love to see you in the Discord space, all are welcome, don't be shy. Find the link on If it's just not your thing, reach out to us at [email protected]

Open Collective
Thank you to all the Open Collective contributors to the MMR scope of work! This could not have been accomplished without you. We have 22 separate contributing people and organizations. During the time of the MMR, Sprillow Limited acted as the Open Collective "Fiscal Host", so that fiscal host overhead fees could be avoided. After utilizing the full budget on paying people during the MMR, the balance was zeroed and we have switched now to the "Open Source Collective" Fiscal Host:
Despite a modest 10% fee (to cover holding funds, making expense payouts, meeting tax obligations) this will be more sustainable for hREA going forward. Now that hREA has a major release, it is welcoming new contributors and looking for sustainable month to month contributors so that the good work can continue. If you are, or know, someone please join us by supporting us.

Till our next update, take care everyone.