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The Inclusive Design Jam is a community and educational hub dedicated to spreading awareness of inclusive design and mobilizing practitioners around the world.


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The Inclusive Design Jam is a community of practice and an educational hub dedicated to evangelizing and spreading inclusive design around the world.

Our Mission

Make the access and use of products, services and environments equal to all.

Our Vision

We envision a future where inclusion, equity and justice are built into products, services and environments by default.

Our Actions

We raise awareness on inclusive design and mobilize changemakers around the world through knowledge transfer and advocacy.

Our Values

Respect, Transparency, Fair Value Exchange, Global Perspectives, Equal Access, Proper Attribution

Meet the team

The community is managed and overseen by Sandra Camacho (aka Sandra By Design). She's supported by a group of self-appointed volunteers (our Working Group) from around the world who are passionate about inclusive and equitable design.

Working Group: Ana Germain, Apurva Dabhade, Gayathri Jagadeesan, Livia Panez, Sandra Camacho and Wafa Alnasayan.


Who can contribute?
We accept contributions from individuals and organizations of all sectors, industries situated around the world who are inspired by our mission and would like to support us in evangelizing inclusive design and training and mobilizing practitioners around the world.

How will contributions be used? 
Your donation will support our awareness-building, community building and education efforts, such as the following: 
  • Funding the development of future high-quality resources
  • Funding public awareness campaigns
  • Offering scholarships for our paid training offerings
  • Paying volunteers, speakers and collaborators
  • Funding tech stack used for community initiatives
Transactions in our community fund (donations going in and expenses going out) will always be visible on this platform.

What will I get if I make a contribution?
We are happy to welcome you to attend our free events and access our educational resources. You will also be listed as a donor (if you wish) on our OpenCollective Community Fund page and our website.

Please note that making a donation does not equip you with influence or decision-making power over the initiatives or actions that we carry out. Our community actions will be collectively decided upon by community members and the working group in line with our mission and values.

Are donations tax deductible?
Donations are not tax-deductible as the Inclusive Design Jam isn't incorporated as a non-profit organization (yet — we'll consider this option in the future if we have enough momentum).

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