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Hi! This is the IndieWeb open collective.

We are on a mission to help individuals own their online identity and data.

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We are IndieWeb

The IndieWeb makes it easy for everyone to take ownership of their online identity. We believe that people should own what they create - and we build the network that allows people to retain ownership of their work without sacrificing the benefits of social networks.

The IndieWeb is as independent as it is collaborative - projects are driven by individuals, but accessible to everyone. As a loose-knit collective of developers, writers, designers, and activists, we work to create the technology that runs the independent web.

We organize free, accessible events around the world to discuss, implement, and build the independent web movement - from monthly local meet ups for bloggers to the annual IndieWeb Summit. By supporting the IndieWeb, you are helping invest in a future of the internet where individuals are in control of their identity.

Get Involved

Questions? Join our IndieWeb chat via Slack, Matrix, IRC, or web.

Your Contributions

The IndieWeb is a loose-knit collective, and most projects are funded by the individuals who make them. However, we have around $200 each month of hosting, server, domain registration costs for our myriad community projects (,,,,,,,, and more).

Beyond the building blocks of technology, your donations will also cover items in meat-space: t-shirts, stickers and the sundries of organizing an annual international event, IndieWeb Summit.

We want IndieWeb events to be as accessible as possible, regardless of personal barriers. Because of this, we have offered a travel scholarship fund in the past to underrepresented groups thanks to our generous sponsors. Your support will allow us to continue to offer and expand this scholarship fund, helping make sure that IndieWebCamps represent everyone.



This is possible thanks to all these people and organizations who contribute their time and/or money to support this collective. Contribute too!