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Insubordination Station Harm Reduction

we provide naloxone, safe supplies, syringe exchange, harm reduction education

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11:00 PM UTC
Review responses for different types of overdose, the history, use, and demonstration of naloxone...Read more
Past event
11:00 PM UTC
In-person training on the history, practice, and application of harm reduction. Review of safer u...Read more

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Insubordination Station (SubStation for short) is a boots-on-the-ground harm reduction program, founded in January of 2023 in Strafford County of New Hampshire.  Our mission is to provide education, supplies and resources with kindness and compassion for marginalized populations such as people who use drugs, the unhoused, and people who sell sex. 

These include the distribution of sanitary supplies, supplies for safer and sanitary drug use with needle disposal, sterile supplies for safer use, safer sex, subsistence goods, and the provision of wound care services, education, along with linkage to other community resources. We also strive to treat all people with the standard respect that all people innately deserve.

Though this practice of mutual aid, we seek to enable marginalized populations with vital ingredients towards self-defined positive change; not only to the direct benefit of affected individuals themselves but for the general health, well-being, and quality of life of our communities at large. This is a major health crisis, and SubStation’s biggest priority is to utilize harm reduction to attempt to mitigate the effects of poisoned drug supply and extremely high rates of overdose and death.

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Support grassroots, DIY harm reduction in New H...

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