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Open Collective
Upcoming Fiscal Host Change, Recurring Contributions to be Paused
Published on March 15, 2024 by Qi Y

Hello dear neighbors, 
Thank you for your continued support for our mutual aid work in Irving Park and the North West side. We want to inform you of some important upcoming changes that will affect how we receive contributions, while our regular operation will continue without disruption in the short term. 
What's Happening 
Our Fiscal Host, the Open Collective Foundation, has announced that it will dissolve effective end of 2024. Fiscal Host enables small organizations like us to handle financial contributions and expenses under non-profit 501(c)(3) status, a critical function for us to pool funds for food and financial aid. This news means we have a limited time to find a new fiscal host to continue operation.
We are in communication with neighboring groups in the wider North West mutual aid network, such as Logan Square and West Side, who are facing the same change. We have been evaluating new hosts and have identified a potential option in Hack Club. Inevitably some aspects of our contributions and expenses process will change in this transition and we will share more details when the transition is complete.

How does this affect you
If you have a reoccurring contribution with us, your automatic reoccurring contributions will be paused on March 15, for which you will receive an email notification. We also cannot process one-time contributions after March 15 until a new fiscal host is secured. We hope to complete the process of transferring to another fiscal host as soon as possible, and we will contact you when it’s possible to resume contributions, likely on a different platform. 
Continuing work 
We expect other aspects of our work will continue unaffected, including food and financial support, since we are able to expense the funds as normal until September 2024. We will continue to support food rescue and distribution work of the Chicago Food Sovereignty Coalition from which we operate, as well as direct financial assistance. 

Stay connected with us 
Whether you have been a contributor or received aid, we hope you stay connected with us during this transition. If you have further questions/concerns, would like to join us, or are seeking support, please email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to respond.
In solidarity, 
IPMA Squad