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Irving Park Mutual Aid is transitioning to a new Fiscal Host

Irving Park Mutual Aid cannot receive contributions at the moment. This page will be updated with more information once the collective transitions to a new Fiscal Host.

Irving Park Mutual Aid

Support and relief to Irving Park neighbors in Chicago, responding to public health and economy crisis

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Irving Park Mutual Aid is all of us

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Like a food drive but for toiletries, this grassroots mutual aid effort aims to collect high need...

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Upcoming Fiscal Host Change, Recurring Contributions to be Paused

Hello dear neighbors, Thank you for your continued support for our mutual aid work in Irving Park and the North West side. We want to inform you of some important upcoming changes that will affect how we receive contributions, while our reg...
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Published on March 15, 2024 by Qi Y

2023 Year End Update

Hello dear friends and neighbors, Thank you again for another year of support. Irving Park Mutual Aid is still just a small, but mighty, loving crew. We've been keeping the fire burning, and doing what we can to build up our community. As m...
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Published on December 22, 2023 by Monica Komperda

End of Jan Update

Hello friends! We again want to thank you for the support you’ve offered Irving Park Mutual Aid. It’s been roughly two months since our last update. We wanted to take some time to update y’all on what we’ve been up to. We’ve maintained our...
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Published on February 2, 2022 by Monica Komperda


Friends, the Coronavirus is changing everything. But what hasn't changed is our sense of unity and solidarity and community with one another. In that spirit, this Fund is intended to help out folks that are financially affected by Covid-19. We hope you can contribute and spread the word.

We are the Irving Park Mutual Aid Network. We are part of a city-wide coalition trying to bring support and relief to our neighbors during this crisis. We have volunteers in every corner of Irving Park who are making deliveries to and checking up on our neighbors in need. Sign up here to become a volunteer or contact us for assistance using the info below. We are in an evolving crisis and our focus will adapt, currently, we are focused on sourcing food boxes, facilitating peer-to-peer financial aid, and connecting neighbors in need to long term resources.

We know these are difficult times and we will not be able to meet every financial need, but we will do what we can with what we have. This money is available for anyone in our neighborhood who asks, we will not be vetting requests. We have to come together and trust each other during this difficult time.

Thank you for your support.

Love and Solidarity

-IPMA Team
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Contribution #183403

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