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Published on July 18, 2019 by Johannes Tegnér


Open source projects by Jitesoft.

Jitesoft is a company specialized in back-end development and ops. Our dream is to be able to work full time with open source, something that we do not really expect to happen, so as of now, we also do proprietary software development and consulting to be able to finance our FOSS development.

Due to the lack of funding, most of the projects we have currently created under a OSS license (MIT usually) are smaller projects, node packages, composer packages, small stuff, stuff that we use in our own projects and hope some one else might have some use of, either as a package or as a reference for their own packages!

We also do a whole lot of ops, we love docker and containerization and we love to work with k8s. While working with this, the founder of the company drops a few posts every now and then on hes personal blog, feel free to read, comment and tell him hes wrong (even if it's just a matter of formatting standard!!).


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