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i mainly use js.org to view discord.js.org


Back in 2015 I had the chance to by the domain js.org. After convincing my wife that it is good I idea to spend money on 5 letters and a dot I took the opportunity and bought it.
Since then I'm sharing the domain with the JavaScript community by handing out subdomains. webpack.js.org is propably the best kown example. But there are over 2000 other websites under the js.org domain.

While beeing a free service, some of the subdomain-owners wanted to contribute financially to my expenses.
So I first decided to add a PayPal-Button on the page. But after a contributer set up a yearly payment of 5€ I had to reach out to him to stop the payment because there is a minimum fee of 0.5€ by Paypal (so literally everything would go to PayPal). That is the reason I'm here.

If you want to contribute to JS.ORGs registrar fees you are welcome; if not enjoy the service for free