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Triggerable table for advanced preset launching


The Launcher1D is in essence a preset launcher.
People familiar with Ableton Live Session view will immediately get the purpose of such a tool:
arrange values into slots and recall them, by triggering the individual slots or the entire row of slots (which represents a scene containing the values for all the tracks).
Kairos takes this simple principle and brings it beyond:
  • Coherently with kairos philosophy, you can put any kind of value in the triggerable slots:
    Any type (Float, Integer, Vectors, Matrix, RGBA, ....) and any kind of source (Constant values, Live Value inputs coming from your patch, from OSC/MIDI/... or any other resource that VL.BindX offers
  • Not only can individual parameter values be arranged in the Launcher slots: you can put entire kairos compositions (other Launchers/Timelines/Automata/...) in dedicated slots and trigger them in the same way as other values.
  • You can make use of the advanced interpolation/blending/compositing kairos features (coming from VL.AlchemX) during the transition between the triggered presets!

Current state of development
Backend = 100% done
Frontend = 70% done

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