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An advanced and complete Keyframe-based timeline


The Kairos Timeline tool offers everything you expect from a modern keyframe-based timeline editor, plus advanced features like:
  • Real-time values binding to keyframe 
  • Function-call keyframes
  • Keyframe duration
  • Keyframe transparency (track background compositing)
  • Endless nesting (inject timelines or other kairos tools in the local timeline, allowing interpolation to what gets produced by those other composition tools)

Current state of development
Backend = 100% done
Frontend = 70% done

Next development tasks
  • Multi-selection editing framework (VL.Touchy)
  • "Only-Time editing" of keyframes in track's collapsed mode
  • Snap to  anchor points (other keyframes) and editing position marker
  • Track header functionalities
  • "new keyframe" context menu
  • keyframe quick edititor for value, position and duration
  • keyframes copy-paste feature
  • Curation of datatypes inspector: hiding irrelevant fields, customizing layout and widgets
  • Composition Track editing features
  • Implement Spreat<T> type for timeline track, keyframe, and interpolation UI
  • Bezier interpolation: implementation of core functionality in AlchemX (including edge cases like Vector types) and editing functionalities in TimelineUI
  • Documentation: help patches, examples, tutorials, explanations
The detailed list of the pending tasks can be found in the Github Project

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