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Kapuhuna LLC

Kapuhuna is a company aimed at providing other startup companies the knowledge and business tools to help get them started and on their way.


Kapuhuna LLC is all of us

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Kapuhuna is Hawaiian. It means "The forbidden secret". We are a company that focuses on the one niche nobody wants to touch - esoteric practices (Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Psychics, et cetera).

It is the probably the most unique, unconventional in it's ways, and provocative company to-date.

And that's good - because none of the old ways have worked - to build a sustainable, economic, socially moral, efficient, and humanitarian foundation for humanity.

Let's not cater to codling the limitations of the past here, fact is:

• The definition of economy means "the efficient use of resources", and • The definition of a human is define by the characteristic of being humane. • To be Authentic as human, or to demand respect from others as to be humane, we must also be humane in our own responsibilities towards each other. • Our currency uses a fractional reserve banking system. • Our countries war with each other over outdated technology resource like oil. • People are separated through Religions, Ideologies, and Social stigmas. and, • Politics and Religion are too "forbidden" a topic to talk about around the dinner table, so mainstream media owns the arena, while the social media stage is riddled with ill-educated and the narcissistic, polluting the future generations with Orwellian-style doublespeak.

This is neither conjecture nor blame, fact of the matter is - in a system that perpetuates scarcity as a means to generate monetary growth - the one and only law we can logically expect to govern - is that money is King, and to change the rules of any game - one must become a player of the game.

Kapuhuna LLC acts as a Fact-Checker and News Publisher, as well as a psychology-based forefront for the authenticity of human nature. It has an armory of FREE business tools, gladly promoted and given to all who inquire.

It also is a: • Book publisher • App publisher • Vlog publisher • Music publisher • Web designer

  • with capabilities in:

    • Promotional Marketing • Email Marketing • Affiliate Marketing • Ad Creation • Video Creation • Graphics Design • Business Collaboration

What we need is support.

Everyday, that grows larger and larger - starting with the underdogs, the forgotten ones that were told to give up their dreams, and go "get a job" working 9-5 as a cog in the inhumane wheel of dis-fortune, like most do all of their lives.

This has to change.

Kapuhuna has no finances. No strong business plan. No proper staffing. We need help with all of these, and we pray for your help here.

                                                   - Shaun Thomas Villafana, Creator of Kapuhuna

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