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Guidelines for donations:

  1. All donations to the KaTeX project must be used only for KaTeX-related expenses which is limited to an approved list, including: web hosting, domain name registration, CI/CD services, sponsoring contributors, and sponsoring projects KaTeX depends on.  New categories of expenses should be added to this list as they arise and a majority of administrators must agree to those changes.  This helps donors know how their donations will be used and streamlines the approval process by clearly indicating what is or is not a valid expense.

  2. Khan Academy will not submit expenses to the KaTeX project.
    Khan Academy does not benefit from donations to the KaTeX project.

  3. Expenses cannot be approved by the submitter.
    This avoids the appearance of impropriety. 

  4. These guidelines should be made public in the README.md of the main repository as well as the “About” section of the KaTeX OSC page.
    Changes to the guidelines can be made via pull request with the OSC page being updated afterwards.  This makes updates to the guidelines transparent.

  5. At least two administrators will review and approve expenses.
    This validates the control process and prevents accidental approvals.