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The Kola Nut Collaborative

The Kola Nut Collaborative (KNC) is a mutual support network of people engaged in reciprocal exchange of services, skills, and goods through a timebank where the currency is an hour of time for everyone.



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A gathering of Black-led movements towards a solidarity economy

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08:00 PM-11:00 PM UTC
A two-part introduction to sociocracy with Ted Rau where we explore the tools needed to design a ...Read more

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Updates on our activities and progress.

Join the 2024 Kola Nut Collaborative relaunch!

New site is live and ready for all manner of new exchanges. The Kola Nut Collaborative is rebuilt better than it was before. Catch me at the Virtual Orientation tonight or Community Peace Circle next month to learn more. Details in our digi...
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Published on April 23, 2024 by Mike Strode (KNC)

How We Spent Our Time In 2023

The Kola Nut Collaborative has been undergoing a long-term strategic shift in thinking about the best approach to timebanking in Chicago. Our 2021 projects to develop...
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Published on December 21, 2023 by Mike Strode (KNC)

Haji Healing Salon Hosting Free Release Distribution Site for adrienne maree brown's "Holding Change"! 🌿

If you are southeast or southwest and want to grab your copy from this location, please drop by with your form submission email has handy. You can also fill out a form on-site to obtain a copy. While you are there, peruse their plant life...
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Published on June 15, 2021 by Mike Strode (KNC)


Our Mission

To promote and sustain a robust timebanking infrastructure which supports non-monetary transactions amongst individuals and organizations allowing a greater sum of the realized value of work to be retained and shared within local communities.

Our Vision

To make social infrastructure visible within our communities. Social infrastructure describes the invisible bonds and relationships which constitute a generative capital that can be accumulated and circulated through timebanking.

Our Goals
  • To improve the quality of life of members by linking them to a high value citywide database of skills and human assets.
  • To increase the accessibility of local skills pools to individuals, small businesses and community based organizations.
  • To develop and sustain a complementary community currency which decreases financial pressure, reinforces the fabric of trust and creates new opportunities for engagement between stakeholders within communities.
  • To develop a co-production pipeline which enables more agile delivery of human and social services by linking some recipients directly to services provided by members in their local communities.

Our Values

We uphold the Five Core Values of Timebanking:

  • Everyone is an asset with something to contribute.
  • Some work cannot be measured by its market price.
  • Reciprocity builds mutual trust and social bonds.
  • Social networks amplify our shared power.
  • Respect ensures that no voice goes unheard.

Our team

Mike Strode (...

I am locked in a reciprocal arrangement where w...