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Kornia.org is an independent, international and self-sustained open-source project. The Kornia project leverages Computer Vision 2.0 to accelerate your research and work, with strong implementations of Computer Vision algorithms with accelerated devices, enabling differentiability, fast batch image processing and no-pain deployment.

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Kornia currently has more than 100k downloads per months and has been used by many projects on GitHub (like Open-mmlab, Kaggle, Pytorch-lightning, Trusted AI, FastAI, Catalyst, etc..).

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Financial support will be used to improve our website and organization infrastructure, CI/CD and new features for the project. For other initiatives like course-ware and specific optimization features, partnership or consulting services please address to us with a message to [email protected]


If you run a business and are using any Kornia related project in a revenue-generating product, it makes common sense to sponsor Kornia development - to ensure that the project stays healthy and actively maintained. It can also help your exposure in the Computer Vision and AI community to attract more developers.

If you are an individual user, researcher or Open Source activist consider also donating as a sign of fellowship (of the ring)  :)

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