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Trooper Foods / May Day Deliveries Dated 6/3 & 6/10: Invo...

by Kristen Ablamsky6/30/2020

Invoice #21019

Driscoll's / LAU Delivery Dates 6/12 & 6/19. Invoice #595...

by Kristen Ablamsky6/30/2020

Invoice #21024

Trooper Foods / May Day Delivery Dated 6/24 For Invoice #...

by Kristen Ablamsky6/30/2020

Invoice #21021
food & beverage

Groceries for 4 families of 4 - 5 people each

by Kristen Ablamsky4/16/2020

Invoice #15788
food & beverage

Financial contribution to Bushwick Mutual Aid ($25 for m...

from Kristen Ablamsky4/3/2020


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As a founder of one of the 0.05% of successfully VC-funded startups, I drive truth-driven strategies, direct expert teams, and develop tactical communications plans. 

I am an activist, photographer, poet, and pitch witch. When I’m not biking for the best vegan eats in Brooklyn or training for my first half marathon, I’m active in grassroots organizations that advocate for climate change, social justice, and animal rights. 

We should grab a cup of coffee, exchange playlists on Spotify, throw some creative energy at hard problems, investigate new solutions, or attend a protest!