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LandCorps, thirty day "Beloved Community Practice Immersion" is an invitation to work, build, share and live with each other, and advance our land construction base, through our local struggles and our larger movement thru time-banking.


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Rooting for Everyone Black Scholarship

We have a select number of LandCorps tickets available to those that are having financial hardships. Scholarships will be determined thru what be... Read more

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LandCorps Monthly On-going Contributor

Join us and support us

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LandCorps Yearly On-going Contributor

Join us and support us

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Parable Dirt Contribution

Individuals, not necessarily from Non-profit organizations, unions or cooperatives that will participate in the LandCorps. We strongly look to hav... Read more

$500 USD

One-time contribution
Land Stewarts Family Contribution

Family members that come together, that would mean including a child or teenager or an elder. This participation in LandCorps is strongly urged. ... Read more

Starts at$800 USD

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Zion of Matrix Sponsor Contribution

Non-profit organization, union or cooperative that will sponsor an African American to attend LandCorps for the thirty days. We will provide each... Read more

$1,000 USD

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Wakanda Warrior Contribution

Non-profit organization, union or cooperative that will endorse LandCorps. We hope this organization will come during the 31 days either for a day,... Read more

$5,000 USD

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02:00 PM UTC
A Month Long Land Immersion, hands on development of building a Beloved Community.

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The Solutions Project

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New Economy Coalition Inc.

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Project South

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