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OSS / OSHW Programmer and Contributor

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Who Am I?

A long time 🤓, programmer and integrator. Focused on helping open source software and open hardware projects.

What Have I Done?

Lollipop Cloud

I am a co-founder and core contributor to the Lollipop Cloud project. The core goal is ensuring all can run their own self-hosted cloud(s). I also manage the Lollipop Cloud infrastructure.

Community Moderator

I currently host and admin the Mastodon instance.


I've been featured in the Adafruit Community Corner based on my Arduino work. I created a "Universal Serial Adapter" that converted a number of forms of RS232 connectors, Serial TTL to a USB port via the Arduino Mega.

XDA Developers

I am a former XDA Developer Recognized Developer. I worked on a number of custom Cyanogen (now LineageOS) ROMs for rugged phones. I've also been featured on XDA TV for my work on integrating Android devices with Arduino's via the Arduino ADK.

Before's rebrand, I worked on the Android compatibility for XBMC. I also ran the unofficial nightly builds for the first few months after the original code was released.


Early in my OSS career I managed a custom build of OpenWRT for multi-core x86 systems. Early on the OpenWRT builds did not support multiple cores or over 4Gb of RAM. While they worked on official support I maintained a custom build for others that wanted to run OpenWRT on "big hardware".