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Remove low-quality content and useless nags, focus on what matters.

The project, started in 2021 and officially launched in January 2022, enables its users to increase the signal / noise ratio of the Internet, by filtering-out low-value content.
After signing-in, users can chose from a selection of 20+ customizable templates, that generate rules for content blockers such as uBlockOrigin.

A growing community

With already 10 contributors and more than 400 active users in the public instance, the project has found a small but growing community. Our goal is to keep this project sustainable through slow but sustained growth, and allow users to easily become contributors.

Hosting the official instance

While some users self-host the server, most use the official instance. Your donations will help finance its hosting as the user-base grows. Costs estimates for 2023 are:
  • 18€/yr to for the domain name registration
  • 55€/yr to for one VPS hosting the database and the server
  • 0€ (sponsored tier for now) to for the authentication service
  • 8% of collection fees from the platform
As the user-base grows and the official instance uses more resources, this budget will gradually increase. Once we grow out of the free tier, the budget might increase steeply, so building a buffer would help us prepare for the future.


Transparent and open finances.

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