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ethically developing a Libre-licensed System-on-a-Chip, a hybrid VPU CPU GPU, with all firmware and hardware source code available to the bedrock.


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The Libre-SOC Project is a full System-on-a-Chip with built-in 3D GPU and Video capability, designed for use in smartphones netbooks tablets chromebooks and Industrial embedded, where the entire source code is available and Libre-licensed not only for booting, firmware and running Operating Systems, so is the entire hardware.

We are the complete polar opposite of NVidia, Apple, Intel and ARM: we respect that you expect to own your own legitimately purchased products, and that has to start at the processor.

No spying backdoors, no compromised Firmware Master Keys, no hidden undocumented instructions.

For us, Libre means Libre.  This means we are not on github (which has an "F" on the GNU Hosting Criteria): our entire infrastructure is self-hosted, and all source repositories and all technical conversations are publicly and transparently available. We do not "ship when it's ready", everything is available as it is being developed.  This means anyone can audit the code at any time.

This is a massive project: there is plenty of scope to help out, from drivers to simulators to OSes to HDL to documentation.

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