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Here thanks goes to recently joined backers. I've managed to buy a dedicated domain for LiquidJS and update the whole documents. It looks quite modern and I've enabled service worker and docsearch is on the way too. Hope it helps people usi...
Performance Boost
Published on March 16, 2020 by Jun Yang
From @9.11.3 on, AST is introduced into LiquidJS to reduce re-parsing, and the tokenizer is re-wrote to avoid generating transient strings during parsing. With all these updates,The memory footprint is reduce by 57.7% (tag/output intensi...
By removing await/async keywords for internal function calls, we removed redundent async/sync implementations (see: thus reduced bundle size, and improved performance (both ops/sec and mem ...
A website powered by Github Pages now online. Listed all built-in tags and filters with one-click live demo, and corresponding documentation URL. see:
9.0.0 released with sync API support!
Published on September 14, 2019 by Jun Yang
Sync rendering is now supported for all builtin tags, we released v9.0.0 with some other features and bugfixes, as well as better TypeScript support. New features including renderFileSync, parseAndRenderSync, parseFileSync, renderSync, b...