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LiquidJS is a simple, expressive and safe template engine. Created from scratch back in 2016, it's now becoming a prevailing lib for Liquid language in JavaScript world with 19.5K users on Github and 45 contributors and increasing.

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Thanks for recently joined backers I've managed to buy a dedicated domain for LiquidJS and update the whole documents. It looks quite modern and I've enabled service worker and docsearch is on the way too.Hope it helps people using Liqui...
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Published on March 28, 2020 by Jun Yang

Performance Boost

From @9.11.3 on, AST is introduced into LiquidJS to reduce re-parsing, and the tokenizer is re-wrote to avoid generating transient strings during parsing. With all these updates,The memory footprint is reduce by 57.7% (tag/output intensi...
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Published on March 16, 2020 by Jun Yang

Refactor: improve perf by 2.5x with reduced memory and bundle size

By removing await/async keywords for internal function calls, we removed redundent async/sync implementations (see: thus reduced bundle size, and improved performance (both ops/sec and mem ...
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Published on October 26, 2019 by Jun Yang


A shopify compatible Liquid template engine in pure JavaScript.

The purpose of this repo is to provide a standard Liquid implementation for the JavaScript community. All features, filters and tags in shopify/liquid are supposed to be supported here, though there are still some differences.

  • Builtin filters:
  • Builtin tags:

Features that available on shopify website but not on shopify/liquid repo will not be implemented in this repo, but there're some plugins available:

  • color filters:
  • sections tags (WIP):

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