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LogChimp's Github Sponsor profile is live!

Our LogChimp GitHub Sponsors profile is live! You can sponsor us to support our open source work https://github.com/sponsors/logchimp/
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Published on July 27, 2021 by Yashu Mittal

Feature: Enable/disable signups

A feature where the site owner's can toggle the settings for allowing allow account creation or not. Learn more at https://github.com/logchimp/logchimp/pull/450
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Published on March 13, 2021 by Yashu Mittal


LogChimp is an open source tool to capture your customers feedback and inform your product decisions.


LogChimp was created by Yashu Mittal in early 2020 with the idea to build an open-source tool for collecting user feedback.

As other service providers are charging their customers from $50/mo to $200/mo based on the number of tracked users, and it could get pretty expensive as your user base grows.

Intending to build a tool that can fit anywhere from startups to enterprise and best for all whole LogChimp codebase is open-source on GitHub.

Our team

Yashu Mittal

Creator of LogChimp