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These are all the ways you can help make our community sustainable.

Recurring contribution
The Flexible Supporter

This tier has no minimum. Show your support however you can.

Starts at$2 USD / month

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Recurring contribution
The Supporter

Shows love for Lottie and supports the continued development of the project A whole Lottie love!

$5 USD / month

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Bug Prioritization

Contributors to this tier will have bugs and issues reported on GitHub prioritized above others.

$25 USD

Recurring contribution
The Generous Individual

Ability to contribute animations to automatic regression checks. Sleep well at night knowing your animations are future proof. Plus benefits from ... Read more

$50 USD / month

One-time contribution
The Gift Giver

Donate a one-time contribution to Lottie. Show your support and help motivate continued work on the project.

Starts at$20 USD

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One-time contribution
The Startup

* Invitation to a private Slack organization with direct access to the core contributors across all platforms * Prioritized help debugging animatio... Read more

Starts at$100 USD

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Recurring contribution
The Gold Sponsor

* Significant influence on the roadmap of the project * Top priority for all bugs, features * Releases cut on-request Plus benefits from previous ... Read more

Starts at$1,000 USD / month

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