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I just like Lume

I'm not sure if I'm going to use it very often but I like the project and want to support it.

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I use Lume often

I like the project and use it often, so would like to say thank you with a recurrent contribution.

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I use Lume in my business

I use it to create websites for my clients so its sustainability is very important to me.

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Oscar Otero

I just want to make Lume better.


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I just like Lume

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Lume is the Galician word for fire but also a (yet another) static site generator for Deno

It's inspired by other static site generators, such as Jekyll and Eleventy, but it's faster, simpler and easier to use and configure, besides being super flexible. 
  • Supports multiple file formats, like Markdown, YAML, Javascript, Typescript, JSX/TSX, Nunjucks, Liquid, Pug, and it's easy to extend with more.
  • You can hook processors to manipulate HTML and assets, like CSS or JS.
  • Very simple and intuitive API.
  • It's Deno: Forget about managing thousands of packages in node_modules or complex bundlers. Lume only installs what you need. Clean, fast and secure.

Our team

Oscar Otero

I just want to make Lume better.