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M4BL DC Money Pot

A resource sharing project, where people with access to resources contribute what they can, to a pool of funds, and organizers can draw from the pot to meet their needs. Nominate an organizer at


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The Money Pot in 2023: Keeping the resources and connections flowing

Dear Money Pot contributors, Thank you for your continued support of DMV organizers working towards our collective liberation! We are proud that our community has, over the years, redistributed roughly $400,000 to Black and Brown organizers...
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Published on April 25, 2023 by Mintz

Last reminder to RSVP for Contributors' Community sessions -- Starting Tuesday

Hi everyone, Thanks to those of you who are planning to attend our upcoming community dialogues. We are excited to connect. Here's one last reminder to join us if you'd like to....
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Published on January 22, 2023 by Mintz

Join us for Contributor Community Meetings

Hello Money Pot Contributors! We hope you had a nourishing winter holiday season :). We are starting the year on a strong foundation. In December, we redistributed $16,000 from the Pot, supporting 8 organizers in the DC movement ecosystem....
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Published on January 12, 2023 by Mintz


We have been horrified by the lack of a unified governmental response to care for the needs of DMV residents. 

This reality will only magnify the inequity in which we live every day, doing the most harm to people who already live at the margins of our social fabric: hourly and contract workers, people working in informal and gig economies, single parents, folks experiencing homelessness, poor and working class communities, immigrants with varying documentation statuses, people without access to health insurance, folks with disabilities or mental health struggles, queer and trans people, and Black, Brown and Indigenous communities.

Here in the DMV, organizers from these communities are coming together to create systems of mutual aid for the survival and safety of their loved ones and neighbors...

In the past months, mutual aid efforts have made sure hundreds of people who are confined to their homes get groceries, that there is a hotline in every ward for people to call who are in need of aid, and that there is a coordinated effort to hold the DC city government accountable to care for our neighbors. With this project alone, we've redistributed over $140,000 to 117 different community leaders to make sure grocery money, rent, therapy, doctors appointments, rest and rejuvenation are possible.  


Support the organizers!

As with most community organizing work, setting up and implementing these systems is a labor of love. It is difficult, heavy, unpaid work being taken up by individuals who already carry so much. We are asking you to pour into and support the work of folks leading mutual aid projects by giving generously now and for the future.

If you happen to be hit less hard in this moment, will continue to receive income during this time, have access to wealth, have access to paid sick leave, or have fewer familial responsibilities, please contribute financially. 

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