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Marshmallow news
Published on January 13, 2022 by Jérôme Lafréchoux

Dear contributors.

Two years have passed since our last news here so we figured it was time to provide an update.
After the important changes made for marshmallow 3, we wanted to keep it stable for a while. We have been introducing new features at a slower pace, including changes intended for marshmallow 4 that could make it into 3 along with a deprecation warning.
webargs and apispec have more frequent major version updates but the breaking changes are minimal in each of them.
A lot of work has been done to improve code quality: CI, typing annotations. We also keep on dropping EOLed Python versions along the way to benefit from recent language features.
This maintenance work can be ungrateful and it wouldn't happen without your continuous support, so we would like to address all of our contributors a big thank you.
Best wishes for 2022.