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Marshmallow news
Published on January 13, 2022 by Jérôme Lafréchoux
Dear contributors. Two years have passed since our last news here so we figured it was time to provide an update. After the important changes made for marshmallow 3, we wanted to keep it stable for a while. We have been introducing new feat...
webargs 6.0.0 release
Published on February 27, 2020 by Jérôme Lafréchoux
webargs 6.0.0 is the result of an important refactor.The new "one location per schema" approach unlocks the use of schema-level features such as pre/post processors or dealing with unknown fields.We also dropped Python 2 and moved from F...
marshmallow 3.0.0 released
Published on August 18, 2019 by Steven Loria
v3 is here!Some of the major changes:Python 3 onlyStrictness by default: no more strict mode; `load` and `dump` return dataUnknown field validationMore intuitive datetime handlingImproved Dict field with support for semi-structured dataG...
apispec 1.0.0 is here!
Published on February 8, 2019 by Steven Loria
We're excited to announce the stable release of apispec 1.0.0! We've fully embraced OpenAPI Specification v3. We also improved the plugin interface to make it easier to customize plugin behavior at runtime.See
I want to update you on how we are currently using your donations.For every dollar donated to marshmallow's collective:$0.13 goes to the host collective, Open Sourc...