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Measureland (Измерия)

Help people to find the best place to live based on criteria like air or water quality. Backed by the community.


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Everything started as an idea.

It was born at March 1, 2021. We just moved in. Simple idea: how to compare 2 different places. One we got now and one we moved out from. So, we need criteria, right? My brain created some right away:
  • air quality
  • water quality
  • cleanliness
  • light and noise pollution
  • transport and location conditions
  • basic and social infrastructure
  • outdoor activities and walks
  • safety
  • life with pets
  • life with kids
  • parking
We rated every point for both places from 1 to 5 and compared them. Fun thought I. We knew our new place is better, that's how we found it. We wanted improvements in some criteria, like air and water conditions.

It can be useful, though I.

I was wondering if comparing neighborhoods was something that can help you to find the best place for you to live at. I asked some friends. Looked like yes. I was excited!

6 months of almost non-stop work later MVP arrived. Basic functionality. Rate criteria for the places you lived at and see criteria of others. Lack of time (I wanted to launch it for a long enough time) and lack of designer skills and friends made the MVP look not very nice.

But I got reviews of the first users. A few hundreds of them at the first days. I understood what's wrong. I understood better what to do next. And now I'm onto that.

This is the only a beginning. Care to join?

The service is free for everyone by default because its creator has enough money to live his life and is aware that not all people do. Trying to make a difference.

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