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Dev Communiqué for April 2022
Published on April 30, 2022 by Sam Whited

April continued to be a slow month for Mellium, but never the less we have some exciting updates to report! But first, the stats!
  • 9 commits to from 2 contributors
  • 1 new contributors!
  • 3 commits to Communiqué
  • $64.43 in donations towards sustaining Mellium development from 2 contributors

The big news this month is the release of v0.21.2, of course. After this the work was mostly care work and bug fixes to make sure Mellium remains a high-quality XMPP implementation. A special thanks goes to new contributor Julien Lavocat who fixed a bug in resource binding when using Mellium on the server! Aside from this a small memory leak was found when establishing connections, the compression package was moved to the new module, and an API was added to allow accepting only specific in-band bytestreams connections which is needed for protocols that negotiate byte streams out of band such as Jingle File Transfer.


Finally, we have two fun announcements this month! The first is that donations towards the OMEOM end-to-end encryption project have broken through an arbitrary but fun ceiling and now total over $100 USD! If anyone would like to claim this bounty and has experience with encryption protocols, reach out to us by joining our chat room [email protected].

Secondly, we have launched a new federated space for the XMPP community over at! This is a Lemmy instance, a federated forum/link sharing platform in the vein of Reddit. If you're not on it already, be sure to apply for an account and join us over on the Mellium Co-op Community page, or checkout all the communities and see if any of your other favorite projects have joined! Remember, it's federated, so you can even follow conversations from a Mastodon, Hometown, or other fedi-software or from another Lemmy instance! We hope this space will be a benefit to the broader XMPP community.

Thanks for reading, we'll see you next month!