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The Ultimate Guide to Working From Home With Kids


To support families Working from Home with Kids with resources and support


Millions of families are facing the challenge of working from home with kids for the first time. For many, juggling professional responsibilities with childcare presents a challenge that can feel insurmountable.

Our child life experts created comprehensive guides to support families experiencing this balancing act.  They address issues like WFH schedules for kids of all ages, financial security, self-care, how to encourage independent learning, coping with stress, and helping kids stay social.

We also asked families and teachers around the world to submit their best ideas to keep kids engaged while their parents work. Our curated directory of activities includes hundreds of activities that parents can filter by age, screens, parental involvement, and more. Our directory grows daily as parents submit creative ideas to keep the whole family thriving.

Our costs are low since all the blog posts are written by volunteers, but we would love some support with hosting fees which cost approximately $54/month. Additional donations will go to support blog writers who are struggling financially working from home with Kids and pay for recycled computers and ipads for childre who don't have them. 

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