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To support a healthy biosphere and society, we need to transform political and economic incentives. Mothertree Labs explores the potentialities of emerging intersections and incubates ideas along those nodes through research, gatherings & narratives


We are facing a planetary crisis: To prevent climate disaster and support a healthy biosphere, we need to transform political and economic incentives. 

“Ecocoins” are theorized financial mechanisms that can create new, scalable (or replicable) incentive structures. Developers in an emerging ecocoin ecosystem are innovating in the broader field of climate finance and governance through new applications of cryptocurrency, blockchain, smart contracts, and peer-to-peer technologies (collectively, “Web3”). The financialization of nature and the development of Ecocoin-like instruments is perhaps inevitable (it is arguably well underway). Thus *How* we do is as important as *What* we do.
With thanks to the Edmund Hillary Fellowship and its Global Impact Fellows program, we have been growing a special relationship with Aotearoa New Zealand with a remit to incubate global impact from a "basecamp" in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Mothertree Labs weaves between spaces, stories, and ecologies, bridging to and from our home in Aotearoa New Zealand among community projects that are part of growing the ecosystem in a land which nurtures spaces - mountain, river, and forest - recognized with sovereign personhood, in a deeply nourishing indigenous culture of respect and relationship to all living things.

We are guided in our work by our Core Values:

Learning: We embrace curiosity and unlearning in our practices of humility and sensemaking.
Agency: We believe all have the capacity for visioning, storytelling and acting towards better futures.
Weaving: We hold space for intersectionality and multiple truths beyond any one individual or institution.
Context: We recognize every setting is unique. We unfurl complexities to enable participation.
Openness: We nurture open hearts and minds. We share what we learn, broadly and inclusively.
Regenerativity: We practice non-extractive creative processes. We grow long-term relationships.
Emergence: We adapt with an agile mindset. We listen for meaning amongst the messiness.

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