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$48,299.21 NZD
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-£251.00 GBP
$521.71 NZD
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-£503.40 GBP
$1,032.66 NZD
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I grow projects and communities around agency, belonging, care, and purpose.

I tune into resonances of collective potential in small groups and local solidarities that can gesture beyond themselves toward broader horizons of moral concern.

I research, build, and bridge between the worlds of Computational Law, Commons Interoperability, and the Governance of Collective Goods.

In my researcher role, I weave between ecologies, spaces, and stories, exploring regenerative emotional state-craft with Mothertree Labs, I run the Blockchain lab at CodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, and co-steward related projects, including the Stanford Journal on Blockchain Law and Policy, the MIT Computational Law Report, and the Stanford Climate Data Policy Initiative. 

In my professional/builder/hacker roles, I advise on decentralized systems-based solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss; I work with various DAOs and decentralized collectives, often advising on governance; I co-founded a legal-tech venture,; and helped build a startup accelerator and community, Before heading to Stanford and Silicon Valley, I clocked 10,000 hours as a tech, data, and IP lawyer, and read history at Oxford. 

For more details, see my Roles page.

Born in England, of Chinese ancestry, and now growing rhizomes in California, France, and New Zealand, I nomad through The Embassy Network, experimenting with identity, governance and commoning in autonomous communities, spaces, and projects, seeking jam partners and new perspectives on truth with my violin and whiteboard.

For more details, see my Extitutions page.

To tune into some of my jams and musings, check out my personal blogposts, or connect with me on social media (twitter / linkedin).
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