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Help Gazans directly during the current aggression


My Family In Gaza - Al Baqa Cafe, Gaza City 2023

My name is Matt, a UK national who lived and worked in Gaza & Palestine for the last 6 years. The last 3 months of endless Israeli attacks have been devastating to witness, and hearing the agonising stories from my friends and former colleagues is endlessly heartbreaking. But they also show strength and beauty and community. One of my friends has been checking in on everyone he knows, bringing them medical supplies, or sanitary products, or food. Another is helping on a project to build bathrooms for people in makeshift camps. Another, who as well as caring for his 2 year old son, has been organising the building of waterproof tents for the camps to make them suitable for the wet Gazan winter. Even in the most difficult of times, people in Gaza are doing what they can to keep their communities surviving.

Palestinian friends of mine in the West Bank have been raising money to send directly to our friends mentioned above, along with others in need. I want to help them, and I would love it if you could to.

Money is nowhere near enough to solve the problems people in Gaza are currently facing. More than anything, there needs to be an urgent demand for immediate ceasefire, to stop this unfolding catastrophe. However giving some money now could provide a family or community with something to help them survive the winter until a ceasefire is announced. 

Any money provided will be used to:

  • Distribute directly to families in need
  • Obtain emergency supplies and deliver them to families
  • Pay for contractors to build waterproof and weather proof tents for the refugee camps needed for the nearly 2 million displaced Gazans
  • Build portable bathrooms for the refugee camps

All the money is sent directly to Palestinian colleagues and friends of mine in Palestine, who make the decision of how to use the money. These are the most heroic people I know and I would trust them with my life (and have done in the past, when I've been in Gaza during previous Israeli bombing campaigns). This is an entirely grassroots, volunteer mutual aid campaign, developed by Palestinians for Palestinians.  

Thank you. If you would like to read and hear more about my friends in Gaza, my friend Anam, who also used to live there, has been writing beautifully about it.


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