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NaijaHacks is Nigeria's biggest and one of Africa's biggest Hackathon


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NaijaHacks is hosting the following events.

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2nd edition of NaijaHacks. Online and in-person demo day and award ceremony

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News from NaijaHacks

Updates on our activities and progress.

NaijaHacks 2019 Areas of Focus

For 2019, participants will be building solutions in the following areas:Housing/Real Estate · Improving access, availability, and quality of housing EducationProviding tools to facilitate teaching and learning Job CreationPutting Nigeri...
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Published on November 5, 2019 by Uchi Uchibeke


NaijaHacks is Nigeria's biggest Hackathon.

We are fun makers. Creative leaders. And norm disruptors

As a tech invention competition and invention party, NaijaHacks Hackathon participants have developed solutions to some of Nigeria's most pressing challenges using the latest and greatest technologies. One team created a solution to financially include the unbanked and underbanked people. Another team developed a social online platform to help connect entertainment investors to raw talents. And yet another team built a virtual reality (VR) app to enable immersive educational experiences.

For 2018, the goal of the NaijaHacks Hackathon was to build solutions to challenges in Agriculture, Education, FinTech and MediaTech using technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Big Data etc.

The exclusive NaijaHacks Community is a community of all past NaijaHacks Hackathon participants who help each other to 10x their careers and businesses.

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