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ISPCS Coming up in September - NTF needs your help to attend
Published on July 26, 2019 by Steve Sobol

This is a must-attend event for Network Time Foundation. NTF would like to send 4 attendees to the 2019 International IEEE Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization plugfest and conference in Portland in September and we need community help to attend. Not surprisingly, it is a struggle for OSS projects and to attend conferences, even the ones we should attend, due to the staggering costs. This particular event we estimate to cost approx. $8,509.00 in total.

This event will allow NTF to participate in the PTP (1588) plugfest where we will mainly be testing LinuxPTP interoperability and attend the conference portion where we will be able to increase our network and grow our communities around our OSS Projects such as LinuxPTP (ptp4l), NTP and some nascent projects and gain the support of the standards bodies. This event also marks the release of the latest 1588 standard, so there will be new information.

Much work will be accomplished at his event, including laying the groundwork for a NTF Brain Trust group. We hope that the OC community can chip in to help NTF bear the cost of attending ISPCS via the Open Collective crowdfunding platform.

Please feel free to reach out to Steve Sullivan at [email protected] with any questions.

For more information on ISPCS, please visit For more information on our OSS.

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