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The Network UPS Tools project delivers a common protocol and tooling for interaction with power devices (UPSes, ePDUs and such), as portable FOSS.


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I maintain NUT since 2020. I was a mere user si...



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Published on February 2, 2023 by Jim Klimov


  • For the past quarter of a century NUT brings monitoring and management of UPS, ePDU and similar power distribution devices using various vendor protocols and media to as many OSes and platforms as possible. UPS management protocol Informational RFC 9271 published by IETF at
  • NUT aims to provide a vendor-agnostic monitoring and management of power distribution devices, their representation online under common protocol and data model. It facilitates end-users' power source monitoring, safe shutdowns of multiple power consumers during outages, uniform access to devices regardless of vendor/protocol specifics.
  • NUT's audience includes systems administrators and individual users - anyone who has an UPS and wants to benefit from its protection for one or more computers. Being the de-facto standard open-source effort in this area for decades, it is assumed to have innumerable thousands of installations both by aware users and embedded in NAS units, HomeAssistant, etc.; however just a few hundred are active in communications.
  • A goal of NUT is to build and run on all POSIX platforms issued since the turn of millennium, and especially for current versions to still work wherever older releases ran before. An effort to support Windows as a first-class citizen is also underway. The NUT CI farm ensures that every contribution does not regress support of over 150 build scenarios on different operating systems, CPU architectures, compiler and scripting toolkit implementations, etc.
  • Sponsorship would help improve the outreach of the project (e.g. visiting FOSS conferences), as well as its quality by extending the NUT CI farm build matrix for supported platforms (e.g. rent more cloud resources) and sign up for tools used to analyze the code to ensure its reliability and security. It may also help bring more contributors into orbit, especially developers to handle areas requiring particular expertise, to address the backlog and to generalize availability of features introduced as a scratch of somebody's itch in one spot, to improve tests and modern OS integration, as well as documentation writers. Finally, it can help developers and hardware meet, to reproduce setups that community members struggle with, but can not fix on their own nor via remote discussions.

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Jim Klimov

I maintain NUT since 2020. I was a mere user si...