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The Newham Solidarity Fund is turning 3!
Published on October 23, 2023 by Newham Solidarity Fund

 Dear neighbours,

This month marks 3 years since we first started this project together. So much has happened in that time. We have raised - and redistributed - almost £50,000. That's 1,000 £50 grants to neighbours in need! We are so moved by how you have all continued to show up for each other, month in, month out. It's a huge achievement and we feel privileged to live in and serve such a caring, loving community.  
In those 3 years, apart from administering all those grants for neighbours in need, we've run several community events - a plant sale, book sale, a local history event, a picnic, several pub quizzes and two community print workshops. We've also worked with local artists who have created beautiful prints that bring colour and life to our postcard verification system and merchandise. And we've worked with partners from the Basic Income Conversation to build the case for a universal basic income, to Newham Anti-Raids, Newham CopWatch and London Renters Union who all do really important work here in our community.

We hope that we will be able to keep building on this in the years to come - the reality of how difficult things have been in the UK over the last few years means that many neighbours have had to apply regularly since we launched the fund. As we head into winter again and the cost of living crisis and hostile environment continue to be felt, many neighbours will still be in need of support.

In the words of some of the neighbours who have recieved from the Newham Solidarity Fund:

"I got paid three times and I am grateful to Newham Solidarity Fund for helping me. I used to be street homeless, now I live in a hostel."

"I am currently in temporary housing with very small limited funds.I really needed a few warm items of clothing and some items of food."

"If I had to describe in three words. Non-judgemental lifesavers Brilliant"

Please help us to keep supporting neighbours in need - whether that looks like supporting us financially, getting in touch at [email protected] to volunteer any spare time or skills you can share, or sharing information about us to your family and friends!

Here's to the Newham Solidarity Fund community, happy birthday!

Warm wishes,

Robin, Woo, Jack, Janani, Tom, Holly, Jess, Uma and all the past admins of the Newham Solidarity Fund